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Platform Services

Lighthouse Platform Services (LPS) is a distinct line of business that supports  both Lighthouse’s asset management business as well as a select group of institutional investors. With nearly a quarter century of experience supporting Lighthouse as an alternative investment asset manager, we offer distinctive  expertise to investors using separately managed accounts (SMAs) solutions. 


We believe that our managed account platform has played a pivotal role in supporting the growth and success of Lighthouse asset management and our strategic partners.  


Distinguished by our development within a global asset manager and knowledge of hedge funds, we seek to be at the forefront of operational alpha capture, with multi-PM structures designed to help control funding and liquidity.  We have a seasoned treasury and portfolio finance process leading our counterparty management efforts that is tightly integrated with middle/back-office operations, accounting, legal, and compliance teams. This allows for active oversight of funding and optimization of financing costs across our platform. Our substantial size and scale allow us to obtain what we believe are competitive rates across various service providers that can help mitigate the costs associated with alternative investing.


Our turnkey solutions, intended to minimize the burdens often associated with managed account investing, include middle/back operations, legal and manager onboarding, risk management, treasury, operational due diligence, and counterparty management. Our commitment to being a trusted partner is underscored by our enduring relationships with a group of global investors.

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