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Bright minds synthesizing the latest developments in legal, compliance, and human resources

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LH_meet_David Pollok2.jpg

David Pollok

Chief Legal Officer/

Chief Administrative Officer


Judy Jou

General Counsel, Penglai Peak

LH_meet_Monique Alston3.jpg

Monique Alston

Head of Human Resources,

The Lighthouse Group


Nina Fitzpatrick

General Counsel,

The Lighthouse Group


Cesar Alvarez

Chief Compliance Officer,

The Lighthouse Group


Vanessa Laws

Compliance Director,

The Lighthouse Group

LH_meet_Oliver Liao.jpg

Oliver Liao

Deputy General Counsel

LH_meet_Michelle Canela2.jpg

Michelle Canela

Chief Compliance Officer, Mission Crest

Home / Meet The Team / Legal & Administration
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