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Lighthouse Partners LLC – Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy describes how we handle your personal information on this Site.  In addition to the privacy practices set out in this Cookie Policy, we have a User Agreement which incorporates the terms of this Cookie Policy.  Some words used in this Cookie Policy are defined in our User Agreement.

Cookies are small text files which are placed on the computer of a website user to provide the website operator with information about use of our site.  They are used to enable websites to function or to provide information to the owners of a website.

Some cookies are deleted when you close down your browser.  These are known as session cookies.  Others remain on your device until they expire or you delete them from your cache.  These are known as persistent cookies and enable us to remember things about you as a returning visitor.  We encourage you to research cookies independently, including by visiting

We use cookies on our site for the following purposes:

  • Analytical purposes:  Analytical cookies allow us to recognize, measure and track users of our Site in anonymous form.  The information collected includes the number of visitors to our Site, where visitors have come to our Site from and the pages that they have visited. This helps us to improve the way our Site works, for example, by determining whether site visitors can find information easily, or by identifying the aspects of websites that are of the most interest to them.

  • Usage preferences:  Some of the cookies on our Site are activated when visitors to our Site make a choice about their usage of our Site.  The Site then “remembers” the settings preferences of the user concerned.  This allows us to tailor aspects of our Site to the individual user.

  • Consents:  We may use cookies on our Site to record when a Site visitor has seen a policy, such as this one, or provided consent or agreement, for example to our User Agreement, and to enforce compliance with our User Agreement.

  • Session management:  We use cookies for technical purposes needed to enable the Site to function properly, and for certain applications and processes on the Site to operate efficiently.


To make full use of our Site, your computer or mobile device will need to accept cookies, as our site will not function properly without them.  In addition, cookies are required in order to provide you with personalized features on our Site.

The Site may use cookies that are set by third parties, such as Google.  These cookies are used for the purposes described in this Policy.  We do not control the setting of these third party cookies, so we suggest you might wish to check the third party websites for more information about their use of cookies and how to manage them.

You may configure your preferences by navigating to the cookie settings function of this Site and adjusting your cookie settings.  If you wish to remove cookies set by our Site from your browser in the future, you may delete them by following the instructions corresponding to the device and browser from which you accessed the Site.  Removing our cookies will impair the functionality of our Site.

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