Our Advantage

Investing in Information

Entrepreneurial and innovative, Lighthouse has since its inception employed proprietary managed accounts. We believe this has allowed us to build truly differentiated alternative asset portfolios with idiosyncratic exposures, and it spurs our continuing evolution.

Beginning in 2005, Lighthouse committed significant energy and resources to increasing the size, scope, and versatility of this managed account platform.

We designed and built a risk management system based on comprehensive current and historical information about the securities and other instruments in the hedge fund portfolios we manage.

An Entrepreneurial Approach

Lighthouse invests significantly in deep research into hedge fund managers and investment opportunities worldwide. We use specialized managers in each portfolio. A key investment technology tool—called Asset Commander—helps us monitor securities on a daily basis, including aggregate exposures.

Markets change quickly—based on an almost infinite number of variables. The Lighthouse managed account platform allows us to navigate markets with daily data at our fingertips, greater control over invested assets, and the flexibility to make opportunistic capital allocations.

Visibility Into Markets—and Risk

The position-level data in Asset Commander also allows Lighthouse to better understand each manager’s edge and source of alpha, including position overlap and offset among managers in one or more securities.

In an industry defined by a lack of transparency and liquidity, Lighthouse is distinguished by its commitment to visibility into portfolio positions and informed manager decision-making.


Our Risk System.


Top-level views provide immediate visibility into holdings, value, and key performance indicators on a daily basis.


Snapshot views allow insight into exposures—by portfolio, by manager, and by individual security.


Transparency into asset overlap helps us identify factors that heighten risk or could affect performance.

Structural Advantage. A Passion for Improvement.

At Lighthouse, we believe our managed account platform provides a better model for investing in hedge funds, and that our approach, infrastructure, and risk management system together provide us a structural advantage that is rare in the alternative asset management sector.

This belief has allowed us to build truly differentiated alternative asset portfolios with exclusive exposures, and it spurs our evolution.

As we move forward, we will continuously seek to improve our investment, investor relations, and operational capabilities, with the goal of enhancing the overall experience of the investors and advisors with whom we work.