For Managers

Partnership Approach

We partner with specialist hedge fund managers across most investment strategies and geographies. Strategies of interest include fixed income, credit, fundamental equity, statistical arbitrage, quantitative futures, and relative value.


We believe our portfolio manager relationships benefit from our:

  • Scale — we can bring more resources to help them than they could on their own.
  • Access — we can provide more access for managers (in regard to prime brokers, management teams, etc.) than they could achieve on their own.
  • Experience — we have experience in working with many different types of hedge funds and can improve their operational efficiency.
  • Pricing — we drive down financing rates and commissions with our scale.

Core Investor

We can serve as a core investor for portfolio managers who have already established a successful external management company and an operational infrastructure.

We can also partner with portfolio managers in the earlier stage—not only by providing capital but also infrastructure. Managers can leverage our platform to gain access to administrative, back office, legal/compliance, trading, and external street resources.

Value Proposition to Managers

We believe our core value proposition for portfolio managers are:

  • Managers retain complete and independent ownership of their management company.
  • Managers are not employees. As such, each portfolio manager owns 100% of their business, track record, and intellectual property specific to their strategy.
  • Managers have geographic flexibility for their business location.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

For early‑stage managers who have yet to form a business, Lighthouse can additionally offer:

Ability to focus on investing

  • Our partnership is designed to provide sufficient capital so that portfolio managers can focus on investment performance without having to dedicate material time to non‑investment activities such as raising capital or managing a large operational infrastructure.
  • Significant “day‑one” capital that has the potential to grow.

Supportive infrastructure

  • Managers can benefit from Lighthouse’s relationships with leading service providers in prime brokerage, administration, trading, accounting, technology, etc.
  • We can assist in sourcing and acquiring research and data. 
  • Our infrastructure support will reduce the frustration and risk associated with starting a standalone business.

Flexibility and enhanced ability to raise external capital

  • After a period of exclusivity, managers will be able to choose if they open up their strategies to outside investors.
  • We can help prepare the portfolio manager for typical questions they will encounter during a fundraising process.


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